04 Mar 2016

Bad Movie Night @ Swindon Makerspace
Feb 25 @ 19:30 – 23:00

Experience the genius of filmmakers Tommy Wiseau and Claudio Fragasso with this spellbinding double feature of the best/worst in bad movies, The Room and Troll 2.

The Room
Experience love, lust, fear, betrayal and large amounts of confusion as we follow the story of Johnny, a lawyer or computer salesman (depending on which scene you’re watching) and his fianceé Lisa in the few short weeks before their wedding.

Warning: Slightly excessive nudity and uncomfortably long sex scenes involved.

Troll 2
A home exchange vacation with a family of farmers from Nilbog goes horribly wrong when Joshua discovers a dark secret: That vegetarian goblins living in the forest want to turn him and his family into plants so they can eat them.

Free event, but donations towards heating costs from non-members graciously accepted. On that note, wrap up warm – the space isn’t as bitterly cold as it was over Christmas but isn’t exactly warm. Bring snacks and drinks (alcohol is OK but don’t be a dick). Any questions please contact me (Joe) on the telegram group or at (zero)777(zero)662612 (replace (zero) with 0 because spam).

Bring your own spoons, but no metal ones.