04 Mar 2016

The Space

Located at: Unit 34 BSS House in Cheney Manor, we have an excellent central location and have ample free parking onsite:

The closest entrance is called Access A, next to Cafe Aroma:

BSS House - Site Plan for Unit 34

Swindon Makerspace Entrance - You won't miss it.

Our 24×7 600 sq ft industrial unit is arranged in 4 reconfigurable zones:

  • Craft – Benches for computing, electronics and light crafts including modelling, radio control, sewing, painting and drawing
  • Wood – Wood-working area with flexible benches, table-saw, mitre-saw, jointer/thicknesser and other common power/hand tools
  • Metal – Metal-working area with milling machine, lathe, bench grinder, MIG welder and other hand tools
  • Digital Fabrication – Prototyping and test equipment, including 3D Printer, CNC Mill, PCB Mill, Soldering equipment, Oscilloscopes and more

We also have free WiFi and tea/coffee facilities.

Members can access the space 24×7 using an RFID  card, visitors are welcome at our open evening (Wed from 6:30pm) or anytime if accompanied by a member.

Open Weekend