07 Oct 2016


Swindon Makerspace is a non-profit organisation (CIC) – as such, we’re wholly reliant on membership fees and donations to sustain ourselves. Membership fees pay the day-to-day bills (we hope!) and donations help us out with the infrastructure and large cost items.

Several people and companies have been kind enough to help out financially with our initial fit-out, without them we would not be here today. Many also continue to donate or loan items of equipment and their time. With this page we thank all of our donors – come in and visit for a cuppa any time!

Name / LogoContactDonated / Loaned
Gyrobot Ltdwww.gyrobot.co.ukInitial fitout costs, Mezzanine costs, Metal Mill/Lathe loan.
James Mastros / Jess Robinsonjandj.me.ukRent and Deposit, Mezzanine costs, various tools
Damian Axfordaxrap.blogspot.comInitial fitout costs, Mezzanine costs, various tools
Robert LongbottomInitial fitout costs, Mezzanine costs
Tony WalmsleyInitial fitout costs
Mark PhilpottInitial fitout costs, Mezzanine costs
James PattinsonInitial fitout costs
CSL Integrationwww.cslintegration.comElectric projection screen, projector, speakers, digital signage player
Wyn RobertsLots of plastic storage boxes (to go on wall rail)
Darren WheatleyMicro 3D Printer and filament
Shroukie El-MasryInitial fitout costs
Andy PrestonMezzanine costs
Drew MurrayWanhao i3 3D printer and Shapeoko CNC router
RepRap Ltdwww.reprapltd.comLoan of HPC Laser Cutter
BitFolk LtdHosting for the Discourse / Forums instance
Swindon Community Lotteryswindonlottery.co.ukDonation from each ticket purchased
Job GibsonCutList OptimizerPro account for Cut List Optimizer
Intergraphintergraph.comDonation used to buy a new laser cutter chiller
ElegooElegooSponsorship of a resin printer and curing machine