Sustainable & Mezzanine Funding Drive!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been open less than 6 months, and yet ahead of our expectations (and with much relief), our membership level has just tipped 32 taking us into sustainability!! A huge expansion from the founding group of just 5. Reaching that incredibly significant milestone is extremely satisfying, and I think I’m Read more about Sustainable & Mezzanine Funding Drive![…]

3D Printing fest, metal work, freebies and other goodness

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an update, so this is going to be a long one!   Membership Membership levels are climbing steadily, now at 25 – just short of the our sustainable target.  Wednesday’s have also been getting busier, to the extent we’ve had to extend the table area and buy a bunch Read more about 3D Printing fest, metal work, freebies and other goodness[…]

Let's make some benches

Electrics Done, Bench Construction Underway

In less than 3 weeks since getting keys on Unit 34, we’ve completed the new electrics (and got them certified!), built & installed new lighting and started work on bench construction.  Today will see the last of the side benches completed, and then it’s onto the desks. Lighting & Sockets The lighting brackets have been a success – they’re a Read more about Electrics Done, Bench Construction Underway[…]

Paint, Sockets, Camera, Action!

Interior Paint 9 days in, and the space is looking much bigger and brighter – greatly helped by 20 litres of fresh paint!  There’s still a final coat to go on the top few courses of block-work, but the bulk of the interior painting is done.    New Sockets and Lighting Design Earlier in the week we started Read more about Paint, Sockets, Camera, Action![…]

Signed lease, got keys and made a mess!

It’s been a very busy and momentous week, on Monday we signed the lease on our very own industrial unit and today (Thursday) we got the keys, and starting knocking out walls/ceilings. Strip out continues through this weekend, then it’s onto painting and fit-out.  We have a 6 week program ahead, ready for press campaign Read more about Signed lease, got keys and made a mess![…]

Swindon Geek Night – 1st Mar 2016

Thanks to James et al at AppsBroker, we had another great evening at Swindon Geek Night no. 4. The evening kicked off with Andy Brice‘s talk on Optimisation using Genetic Algorithms – a very accessible intro to GA, with several real life examples, not least Andy’s table planning software: Perfect Table Plan. I then gave a fast, Read more about Swindon Geek Night – 1st Mar 2016[…]

How to 3D Print with Flexible Filaments

The saying, “You cannot push on a rope” remains as apt as ever when it comes to 3D printing with flexible filaments. Most printers will have some form of success straight out of the box with flexible filaments, but don’t be greedy to begin with, turn the printing speed right down. Within this article I Read more about How to 3D Print with Flexible Filaments[…]

Liquid Tape vs a Pi Camera Lead

A while back I was watching either a YouTube video or reading a blog post about soldering wires onto PCBs, possibly a quadcopter power distribution board. After soldering, the guy got out something called liquid electrical tape and gobbed some over the solder joints to reinforce them. Brilliant I thought! Why have I never head Read more about Liquid Tape vs a Pi Camera Lead[…]