Bushes inserted into Swingarm

Member Project: Swingarm Bushing

Stats Made By: Steve Status: Finished Tools used: 3-in-1 lathe, 16mm reamer, Arbour Press Description I have a Honda Grom and like any good motorcyclist I take pride in modifying my bike. This modification involves replacing the standard steel swingarm with a Tyga aluminium over braced item. This is a straight swap however I wasn’t happy Read more about Member Project: Swingarm Bushing[…]

Member Project: Treasure Chest

Stats Made by: Joe Status: Finished Tools used: Thicknesser/planer, table saw, vertical bandsaw, mitre saw, electric planer, belt sander, electric drill. Description I’ve been keeping my toiletries in a plastic basket that I got at university, despite the fact the basket was way too small and things kept falling through the bottom. After having made Read more about Member Project: Treasure Chest[…]

Making an OpenLog Serial Logger from Spare Parts

Part of our makerspace access system involves an Arduino and an ESP8266. Mostly it works just fine, but every now and again the Arudino seems to lock up and stop working. Various attempts have been made to stop this happening, but so far to no avail. Leaving a laptop connected to the Arduino’s serial port for debugging wasn’t happening because it happens quite infrequently and no-one had a spare laptop to leave lying around.


Sustainable & Mezzanine Funding Drive!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been open less than 6 months, and yet ahead of our expectations (and with much relief), our membership level has just tipped 32 taking us into sustainability!! A huge expansion from the founding group of just 5. Reaching that incredibly significant milestone is extremely satisfying, and I think I’m Read more about Sustainable & Mezzanine Funding Drive![…]

Making a Makerspace Temperature Logger

The making of a Makerspace temperature logger, mainly in pictures. To see the chart of what has been recorded see http://www.swindon-makerspace.org/temperature First, use the Makerspace PCB milling machine to cut a circuit board. This was the first attempt to cut a board that uses surface mount components. Really the surface mount components are on the Read more about Making a Makerspace Temperature Logger[…]

Outdoor Signage and Logo

With press and articles in mind, we are starting to make, assemble and put up our outdoor signage and logo. It won’t be long until we open officially in May, although we have in reality been open for fit-out volunteers for a while. We are now starting to make contact with other clubs or societies with a mutual interest in our facilities and generally get the press campaign moving  along, so having a finished signage will make a great backdrop for any photo opportunities.

If you haven’t caught our previous article about it then you can read more here. […]

Let's make some benches

Electrics Done, Bench Construction Underway

In less than 3 weeks since getting keys on Unit 34, we’ve completed the new electrics (and got them certified!), built & installed new lighting and started work on bench construction.  Today will see the last of the side benches completed, and then it’s onto the desks. Lighting & Sockets The lighting brackets have been a success – they’re a Read more about Electrics Done, Bench Construction Underway[…]