Outdoor Signage and Logo

With press and articles in mind, we are starting to make, assemble and put up our outdoor signage and logo. It won’t be long until we open officially in May, although we have in reality been open for fit-out volunteers for a while. We are now starting to make contact with other clubs or societies with a mutual interest in our facilities and generally get the press campaign moving  along, so having a finished signage will make a great backdrop for any photo opportunities.

If you haven’t caught our previous article about it then you can read more here. […]

Let's make some benches

Electrics Done, Bench Construction Underway

In less than 3 weeks since getting keys on Unit 34, we’ve completed the new electrics (and got them certified!), built & installed new lighting and started work on bench construction.  Today will see the last of the side benches completed, and then it’s onto the desks. Lighting & Sockets The lighting brackets have been a success – they’re a Read more about Electrics Done, Bench Construction Underway[…]

Paint, Sockets, Camera, Action!

Interior Paint 9 days in, and the space is looking much bigger and brighter – greatly helped by 20 litres of fresh paint!  There’s still a final coat to go on the top few courses of block-work, but the bulk of the interior painting is done.    New Sockets and Lighting Design Earlier in the week we started Read more about Paint, Sockets, Camera, Action![…]

Signed lease, got keys and made a mess!

It’s been a very busy and momentous week, on Monday we signed the lease on our very own industrial unit and today (Thursday) we got the keys, and starting knocking out walls/ceilings. Strip out continues through this weekend, then it’s onto painting and fit-out.  We have a 6 week program ahead, ready for press campaign Read more about Signed lease, got keys and made a mess![…]