First Year Anniversary Meet Up

On June 5th we celebrated our 1st year anniversary. Rather than attend a usual meet we decided to relocate the Hackspace to the more informal surroundings of the Sir Daniel Arms for a bite to eat and some drinks:

We met at the Museum of Computing between 6:30 and 7pm, left a map to the pub for any late shows before taking the short walk down town. An unusual collection of reprobates we must have looked, but soon realising that we actually fitted in quite well with the other townsfolk. It’s cool not to be cool I always tell my kids.

Sir Daniel Arms

When we arrived at the pub, it was surprisingly busy, with all the tables seemingly taken. However we soon flexed our substantial muscles and hacked together a collection of smaller seats, stools, loungers to make some sort of makeshift eating area.

Our simple pub review:

“Beer was great, prices were very cheap, food was ‘fine’, bartender girl was the most miserable ever, waitress however was nice and chatty.”

Those lucky attendees who turned up were rewarded with a hot off the printbed Swindon Hackspace multi-coloured poker chip, worth 1 Gigillion credits, accepted in no respectable establishments worldwide. Even the waitress was curious as to what it was, “a badge of shame” she was told, only surpassed by McDonald’s zero stars:-

Sneak preview of the new Swindon Hackspace Logo

Tony showed a collection of prints from his new Replicator 3D printer. Looking forward to seeing some more.

Conversation was good, many subjects covered and not all hackey. We sort of flirted with the following ideas, but nothing as usual in concrete:-

  • Collaborative Hackspace projects (3D printer).
  • Visit to Bristol and possibly Oxford Hackspaces.
  • Contact first timers for feedback.
  • Another publicity drive.
  • Some web site glitches which need to be discussed with Jamie.
  • Increased blog activity, which is why I was volunteered for this entry 😉

Which leads me to signing off this entry with a congratulations to hackspace members on achieving our paper anniversary.

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