Gyrobot Resurrection

Gyrobot was made available to the Swindon Museum of Computing on Hackspace night; 19th June 2013 for their upcoming Robots Revealed exhibition.

For those that are not familiar with Gyrobot, it was my (Steve Wood) entry into the UK Robot Wars series 6 and 7, back in 2002.

Gyrobot originally started its journey in 2000 with myself, a Robot Wars fan deciding to design and build a Swindon entry for the UK version of Robot Wars. 3 years later and after 1 failed audition, it appeared on Series 7 which was filmed in Nottingham August 2003 and screened in November.

This entry was named Gyrobot from the word Gyrate which is to spin/revolve and to rotate in circles, and erm – robot! Also “Gyro” is short for gyroscope, a device that spins. I have now affectionately adopted this name for many of my online avatars, my design and 3D printing company is unashamedly named after it too (Gyrobot Ltd).

Interesting Facts About Gyrobot :

  1. I believe Gyrobot is the smallest heavyweight in the world (100kg category). Challenge this fact if you can. Dia 700mm x 150mm.
  2. Gyrobot has no interior orientation, top can be bottom and bottom can be top, a truly symmetrical robot in all directions.
  3. Gyrobot has no weak side, all angles of opponents attack are catered for.
  4. Gyrobot’s best form of attack is it’s defence. To get near it be prepared to get damaged!!
  5. The energy stored in Gyrobot’s 35 kg outer weapon rim when up to full speed (750 RPM) is 40KJoules (Validated by two independent sources). Compare that with current Hypnodisc’s 12KJoules. Energy is even higher when Gyrobot is in full body spin mode.

Further Gyrobot Information :

Original Website:

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