Bushes inserted into Swingarm

Member Project: Swingarm Bushing

Stats Made By: Steve Status: Finished Tools used: 3-in-1 lathe, 16mm reamer, Arbour Press Description I have a Honda Grom and like any good motorcyclist I take pride in modifying my bike. This modification involves replacing the standard steel swingarm with a Tyga aluminium over braced item. This is a straight swap however I wasn’t happy Read more about Member Project: Swingarm Bushing[…]

Turkish Drop Spindle printing on Prusa i2

May 4th, Busy Open Evening

Last night was our first proper open evening since moving to the new Makerspace location. Instead of digging into our list of TODOs (build tables, benches, put up shelves) .. all the things we’ve been doing the past couple of months, we actually sat down at tables and tinkered. Dave and Amy visited, with a Read more about May 4th, Busy Open Evening[…]