Swindon Geek Night – 1st Mar 2016

Thanks to James et al at AppsBroker, we had another great evening at Swindon Geek Night no. 4.

The evening kicked off with Andy Brice‘s talk on Optimisation using Genetic Algorithms – a very accessible intro to GA, with several real life examples, not least Andy’s table planning software: Perfect Table Plan.

I then gave a fast, light-hearted overview of the 40W laser cutting I’ve been building/refining over the last 2 years (axCut) – view slides on Google Drive.  Also showed off the main goal of the project – to manufacture/sell a range of foam aircraft kits via http://foami.es.

We finished off the evening with a group overview of the Swindon Makerspace journey, from it’s initial formation as the Swindon Hackspace back in June 2012 through to this weeks lease of our industrial unit – view slides on Google Drive.



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