Member Project: Treasure Chest

Stats Made by: Joe Status: Finished Tools used: Thicknesser/planer, table saw, vertical bandsaw, mitre saw, electric planer, belt sander, electric drill. Description I’ve been keeping my toiletries in a plastic basket that I got at university, despite the fact the basket was way too small and things kept falling through the bottom. After having made Read more about Member Project: Treasure Chest[…]

Making an OpenLog Serial Logger from Spare Parts

Part of our makerspace access system involves an Arduino and an ESP8266. Mostly it works just fine, but every now and again the Arudino seems to lock up and stop working. Various attempts have been made to stop this happening, but so far to no avail. Leaving a laptop connected to the Arduino’s serial port for debugging wasn’t happening because it happens quite infrequently and no-one had a spare laptop to leave lying around.


A Giant Logo for the Wall

Makers are invited to be involved in the production of our new giant logo signage where the new logo has been broken up into bite sized tiles with digital templates available to download, print and make.

The tiles will be collated together and displayed proudly on our wall. It should make an interesting focal and discussion point for visitors and new members.


How to 3D Print with Flexible Filaments

The saying, “You cannot push on a rope” remains as apt as ever when it comes to 3D printing with flexible filaments. Most printers will have some form of success straight out of the box with flexible filaments, but don’t be greedy to begin with, turn the printing speed right down. Within this article I Read more about How to 3D Print with Flexible Filaments[…]

Liquid Tape vs a Pi Camera Lead

A while back I was watching either a YouTube video or reading a blog post about soldering wires onto PCBs, possibly a quadcopter power distribution board. After soldering, the guy got out something called liquid electrical tape and gobbed some over the solder joints to reinforce them. Brilliant I thought! Why have I never head Read more about Liquid Tape vs a Pi Camera Lead[…]