Paint, Sockets, Camera, Action!

Interior Paint

9 days in, and the space is looking much bigger and brighter – greatly helped by 20 litres of fresh paint!  There’s still a final coat to go on the top few courses of block-work, but the bulk of the interior painting is done.

2 coats of paint - corner view  2 coats of paint - entrance view
2 coats of paint - exit view

New Sockets and Lighting Design

Earlier in the week we started fitting the new ring main – 14 double sockets around the perimeter, a major increase on the 2 sockets that were there originally.

2 coats of paint - main space

We’ll also be upgrading the lighting next week to increase the Watts per sq meter to sensible levels for a workshop.  Here’s the latest CAD model showing the lighting concept:

Lighting design

The brackets to hold the fluorescent tubes will be made from studding, hinged at the base, with wire rope to “fly” the the tube at an appropriate angle.  The wire rope also makes the position of the lights adjustable.

Health & Safety

Amidst all the building work, we did find time to fit shiny new fire extinguishers, along with a first aid kit and eye-wash station – at least now we’ve got the basics covered!

Fire extinguishers


Storage Rack

This morning saw the last of the old suspended ceiling go the way of the skip, whilst the storage rack we built out of leftover timber got a lick of paint.

Storage rack - freshly painted Storage rack - with shelves on, ready for boxes

Broadband, Wifi, Raspberry PI and MotionEYE

The final job for today was to fit a Raspberry PI + MotionEye CCTV setup, including 3D printed case – just in time for the furnishings and equipment to start arriving.  Rob managed to get this prepped yesterday, and after James got our WiFi router configured, we can now record entry/exit to the space, watch it live (if we’re really bored) and get email alerts whenever anyone goes in/out – fancy.

RPI and MotionEye

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