Member Project: Treasure Chest

Stats Made by: Joe Status: Finished Tools used: Thicknesser/planer, table saw, vertical bandsaw, mitre saw, electric planer, belt sander, electric drill. Description I’ve been keeping my toiletries in a plastic basket that I got at university, despite the fact the basket was way too small and things kept falling through the bottom. After having made Read more about Member Project: Treasure Chest[…]

Let's make some benches

Electrics Done, Bench Construction Underway

In less than 3 weeks since getting keys on Unit 34, we’ve completed the new electrics (and got them certified!), built & installed new lighting and started work on bench construction.  Today will see the last of the side benches completed, and then it’s onto the desks. Lighting & Sockets The lighting brackets have been a success – they’re a Read more about Electrics Done, Bench Construction Underway[…]

Paint, Sockets, Camera, Action!

Interior Paint 9 days in, and the space is looking much bigger and brighter – greatly helped by 20 litres of fresh paint!  There’s still a final coat to go on the top few courses of block-work, but the bulk of the interior painting is done.    New Sockets and Lighting Design Earlier in the week we started Read more about Paint, Sockets, Camera, Action![…]

Signed lease, got keys and made a mess!

It’s been a very busy and momentous week, on Monday we signed the lease on our very own industrial unit and today (Thursday) we got the keys, and starting knocking out walls/ceilings. Strip out continues through this weekend, then it’s onto painting and fit-out.  We have a 6 week program ahead, ready for press campaign Read more about Signed lease, got keys and made a mess![…]