Member Project: Dog food and water table


  • Made by: Jess
  • Status: Finished
  • Tools used: Mitre Saw, Powered Screwdriver, Trepanning Tool (new!), Polyurethane spray varnish


My old dog is getting a bit unsteady, and often ends up sitting on her food and water bowls. The existing tray (which I added legs to a while ago) has gotten all soggy, and lost its bordering edge, so the water bowl ends up all over the floor.

The replacement needed to be more waterproof, taller, and keep the bowls in place, even when lent or sat on. I decided to cut circles out of the new top to sit the bowls in, and spray the whole thing with a waterproof varnish.

Trepanning Tool and holes in board

Trepanning Tool

The whole thing is made out of scrap wood from the Makerspace wood store. To make the circles I added a new tool to the space, a Trepanning Tool, which is attached to a powered drill and cuts a hole using two extra blades. It looks quite scary when spinning and takes a while to cut through the 6mm plywood. (Josh helped with this bit!)

The rest is assembled with legs cut to size and screwed together. The spray was the applied, which was dryish in an hour, and dry 24hours later.

So far it seems to be working, the doggo has only managed to slop some water, and not dump the whole thing on the floor.


Dog food and water table

Dog food and water table

This took me a couple of visits to the space, could probably have been done in one if I didn’t keep getting distracted. Some folks helped me out, which was good motivation. Now I don’t have to keep mopping the kitchen floor!


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